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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! Join Us And Take The Next Step In Your Cryptocurrency Journey...
If you're reading this you are part of the Watchers family. We're excited to offer you the opportunity to be the first to join our exclusive Watchers Crypto Brief before anyone else. And because you've been riding with us from the start, we're going to hook you up with a special discounted rate that won't be available for long! 

As a member you'll receive a brand new Watchers Crypto Brief every month. In addition we'll send special updates as often as the markets require. In addition to market updates, here are just a few of the things you can enjoy as a member of The Watchers Crypto Brief:
  • Coins We're Buying: We'll tell you exactly which coins we BUY, why we're buying them, how long we plan to HODL (and if that plan changes for any reason), and of course when we SELL!
  • VIP Access To Industry Events: Yup that's right. Just for being a member of The Watchers Brief you'll get special access to our industry events as well as other events like Ethereum Alliance! Plus, you'll also get special discounts on events whenever possible (New annoucement coming soon!)
  • Monthly Challenges: To make learning fun and help you really succeed we'll be doing monthly challenges. Winners will be rewarded in Crypto and/or private training with our team of traders.
But that's not all. As a member you'll get to vote on what coins you want our team of analysts to research and breakdown for you. We'll look at everything from market analysis to technical analysis, as well as reach out to our private networks to find out if whales like them too.

As a member of The Watchers Crypto Report you'll also get access to private events that won't be open to the public. This includes mastermind dinner parties, yacht parties, fireside chats with luminaries, and mentoring by industry leaders. That's because, this is the only official report of The Crypto Watch...
Run Exclusively By The Crypto Watch Admins & Mods...No Fake Coins, No Pump & Dumps, JUST REAL COMPANIES CREATING REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS!
So many of you in the Facebook group have said how much you love it but there is too much "noise" and you wish you could just get info directly from the admins and moderators only. Well, we listened and that's exactly why we created The Watcher's Crypto Report to make sure that you get only the best information from the front lines, completely vetted so that you have the very best information to succeed. You're getting direct access to some very successful people who don't normally share their time.
Meet A Few Of Our Core Members...
Chase Hero
In 2010 Chase founded an advertising & technology company that grew to a 9-figure business. His success in the tech sector allowed him to branch out into the financial markets. Finding a new love in trading the markets, Chase founded Pacer Capital in 2014. From its inception Pacer Capital focused heavily on cryptocurrency. Thanks to the fundamental and technical trading skills he developed in the financial markets, Chase was able excel in crypto markets. In 2015, Chase and his team founded The Watchers Facebook group which was designed to educate the masses about all things crypto. The group quickly grew to one of the leading places for free high quality information on cryptocurrency. Today Chase continues to focus on his passion for helping others succeed in the crypto markets.

Randall Crowder
Over the past decade, Randall has led over 40 angel investments and deployed over $60M across 14 companies as a venture capitalist. Randall is a co-founder and Managing Partner at TEXO Ventures where he focuses on tech-enabled health services and he is the sole founder and
Managing Partner at Novē Ventures where he focuses on companies leveraging blockchain technology. Prior to TEXO, he led the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) to becoming one of the most active angel networks in the country.
Ty Cody
Ty founded and operated a small performance marketing agency at age 23 that would go on to do 7 figures in revenue. He has since then revived his passion for the equity markets, specifically the options market. He specializes in Technical Analysis, Market Psychology and has transferred his knowledge and experience over to the emerging cryptocurrency markets.
Dan Fleyshman
Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. He is an angel Investor and advisor to 26 companies that range from mobile apps and tech companies to retail products and monthly box companies. His main passion is charity that creates backpacks filled with 150 emergency supply items for the homeless. In 2014 Fleyshman was pivotal in placing the first Bitcoin ATM into a casino in Las Vegas. This garnered international press which led him into 2017 where he began consistently throwing cryptocurrency events and investing into all facets of the space.
Alex Golubitsky
Alex Golubitsky is an international tax attorney with many clients at the forefront of cryptocurrency investment. In addition to his expertise in cryptocurrency taxation, Alex regularly advises clients on United States territorial tax incentives, particularly the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. His clients rely on him for planning advice for cross border transactions and investments, and he regularly advises clients on transfer pricing, income sourcing, asset and account disclosure, withholding tax, foreign trust taxation, and Subpart F income. Alex's clients include hedge funds, banks, high net worth individuals, and firms in industries ranging from energy to cryptocurrency to advertising.
Zak Folkman
After graduating from New York Law School with his J.D., Zak decided to pursue his true passion for building businesses and creating technology. Zak formed his own advertising and technology firm that quickly grew to 8-figures in revenue. In 2013, along with his wife, Zak moved to St. Thomas to realize his dream of working from a laptop on a beach. For the past few years Zak has ran his advertising company from the beautiful Caribbean while also investing in everything from cryptocurrency and technology startups to real estate. Zak also serves as an acting advisor to blockchain projects he is passionate about.
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Chase Hero
P.S. : This offer is only open to members of The Crypto Watch Facebook group and for a limited time only. Soon the price will go up when we roll this out to the public and spaces will be limited so if this is something you're interested in, I suggest you get in now while we are offering special discounted rate to Crypto Watch members.
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